Annual Dinner and Club Awards

Annual awards are voted on and presentations made at the Annual Dinner each year.  Nominations for the short-list for each award are sought in the weeks leading up to the dinner.  The only exception is the award for Volunteer of the Year which is decided by the Club Committee.

Annual Club Awards and Nominations


Year Venue Guest Dinner Sec

Runner of the Year

Member of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

Individual Performance of the Year

Supporter of the Year

Newcomer of the Year

Track and Field Athlete of the Year


Hardwick Hall Hotel


Paula Warwick

Lisa Darby

Tracy Brown

Sheree Lyons

Justin Cox:

York Marathon

Ray Carmichael

Lisa Darby

Frances Barlow


Hardwick Hall Hotel

Archie Jenkins

NECAA Secretary

Paula Warwick

Gary Thwaites

Ean Parsons

Helen Letts

Gary Thwaites:

Completing 50th marathon

Kev Archbold

Deb Pennick

James Oldfield


Parish Hall

Alan Bell

Chief International Starter

Paula Warwick 

David Sawyer

Paula Warwick

Tracy Brown

David Sawyer:

Sedgefield to Bamburgh run

Paul Glaister

James Oldfield

Jane Spink


Parish Hall

Peter Barron

Ed of Northern Echo

Caroline Hirst

Anne Gladwin

Gary Thwaites

Marie Walker

Kevin Archbold

Matthew Jones:

The Wall Ultra Marathon

Alan Tait

David Round


Sedgefield Racecourse

Allison Curbishley

Caroline Hirst

Anne Galdwin

Diane Baines

Jane Spink

Tim Dredge

2011 Hardwick Arms Charlie Spedding Jo James Jason catterall Diane Baines Diane Baines
2010 Dun Cow John Mayock Jo James Roger Whitehill Marie Walker
2009 Dun Cow Sharon Gayter Jo James Ean Parsons Jo James
2008 Dun Cow Sharon Gayter Jo James Gail Bell Marie Walker
2007 Dun Cow N/a Sarah Burchall/Anne Hydon Marie Walker Matthew Jones
2006 Ministers N/a Jeanette Ives Rosie Sims Scott Hydon