Honorary Life President: Ean Parsons

Chair: Phil Houghton  e-mail Phil Houghton

Secretary: Alda Hummelinck  e-mail Alda Hummelinck - 07814 747118

Treasurer: Roger Whitehill  e-mail Roger Whitehill - 07941 386707

Membership Secretary: Andy Featherstone   email Andy Featherstone - 07739 839004

Committee Members:

David Graham   e-mail David Graham 

Sheree Lyons   e-mail Sheree Lyons - 07894 748999

Jane Spink   e-mail Jane Spink


Junior registration:

Should you wish to register your child (year 3+) for any of the junior sessions, please contact Karen Killingley.


Other Club Roles

Volunteers Coordinator: Mike Wood

PR: Ean Parsons e-mail Ean Parsons - 07771 828 568  &  Chris Lines e-mail Chris Lines - 07971 868 329

Serpentine Race Secretary: e-mail Steve Foreman - 07919 368 698

Club Clothing: email Marie Walker

Webmaster: Phil Houghton  e-mail Phil Houghton


Lead coaches: 

Ean Parsons (senior runners): e-mail Ean Parsons

Scott Hydon (year 6+ endurance training): e-mail Scott Hydon

Frances Barlow (year 6+ sprints): e-mail Frances Barlow

Kev Archbold (year 6-7 multidisciplines): e-mail Kev Archbold