Gerry Kearsley Winter Handicap 2016 Report


102 participants braved the mudbath between Fishburn and Bishop Middleham to complete the winter handicap on Sunday 10th January. Of those runners, 28 were Sedgefield Harriers.

Running on a handicap system, with runners seeded based upon their 10k time, particpants went off on a range of handicaps ranging from 0 to 26 minutes. As always, this handicap puts runners who are not always on the podium with a chance of winning.
An exciting and challenging course saw our runners battle through knee deep puddles where Paul Glaister was perched with his camera (and attempting to keep his Christmas presents clean), through slippery mud to Phil Houghton’s mini disco at the footbridge.

A challenging headwind caught runners on their return towards Fishburn seeing a lot of places changing hands.

So onto the prizes.......It was great to see 2 new club members win 1st Sedgefield Male, and 1st Sedgefield Female, with Mil Walton and Siobhan Dowson taking the respective categories. In 2nd Place were Alda Hummelinck and Graeme Addison, followed closely in 3rd by Gary Thwaites, and young Sam Glaister who was running in her mothers shoes as she forgot her trail shoes.

On a day of slips and slides I think I set the tone by falling over on the way into the starting field. Fun was had by all, and the event passed as a success.

Written by:
Andrew Featherstone