Hardmoors Race Report (Saltburn 26.2 Festival)

A group of hardy Harriers took to the hills and trails around Saltburn as part of Hardmoors 26.2 race series with marathon, half and 10k on offer.

In weather conditions akin to the Arctic at times a number of Harriers took on the 26.2 challenge, with Justin Cox and Steve Foreman leading the way. Fitbit sparring partners Ellen Guest and Diane Baines took on the marathon too, each trying to outstep each other to get the highest daily total (those of you at training will know how much they like annoying each other with Fitbit updates).

Diane is not new to this sort of challenge, but making her 26.2 debut was Ellen Guest, who had apparently fuelled on a large Big Mac meal, and gobbled down 2 x 10 inchers too (pizza and garlic bread) as part of her carb loading apparently. We're told Ellen didn’t swear too much on the hills. Well done (on both the race and internal swear filter) on completing it in 7h25.

In the half the Harriers were represented by Tracy "Knuckles" Brown and Clive Crosby, with Andy Corfield doing the 10K. 

Results below -


Half Marathon



Written by:
Andrew Featherstone