Junior Endurance Weekend 30th November 2013

For the endurance groups 2nd training weekend we went to Grinton in Swaledale. We met at the college and made our way over to Grinton youth hostel where we were staying. Half the group were in bedrooms in the old shooting lodge and the other half in camping pods in the garden. We set off with our packed lunches, running down the steep hill from the hostel, carrying on to Reeth and then climbing the hill up to Fremmington Edge. We ran for about an hour then Scott found the steepest bit and set up a circuit. It was really hard work but great endurance training with some of us managing 5 hill reps! Then we carried on along the ridge, and then dropped back down to the river where we ate our lunch. We then ran up the other side of the valley and down a ‘path’ to a suspension bridge. We crossed the river ‘I’m a celeb’ style and ran back to Grinton, up the hill to the youth hostel. Sean, Kieran and I then went for another run up the road, admiring the fantastic views as the sun started to set. Then it was showers and relaxing before we went to the pub for our tea. The food was fab and the desserts even better, especially when we got custard with our ginger sponge. This made John very happy. We made our way back up to the hill to the Youth hostel and we played cards – Scott has an atrocious poker face but Kieran is master whilst the younger athletes watched TV. Match of the day was essential viewing as both West ham and Leicester had won their matches. Then it was off to bed, the room I was in were flat out in 5 but I gather the girls in the pod had a rather more traumatic night due to pesky boys next door! Sean, Kieran, John, Chris, Scott and I all went for a half an hour run before breakfast. The view was amazing but yesterday’s efforts made the 16% gradient feel even tougher. When we returned Chris tried very hard to wake the girls pod up and after 10 knocks they surfaced. We had a lovely youth hostel breakfast then stripped our beds and packed the cars. We drove a short way to Gunnerside and parked up, then ran up another ‘path’ to the top. This route involved some interesting fence jumping, and traipsing across the heather but eventually we regained an actual track and made our way down to a spectacular lead mine where we ate our picnic in the sun. We then confiscated the map off Scott and John led us along proper paths up the valley and around until we reached the cars again. It was a fantastic weekend away and really good training and team building. On behalf of the group I’d like to say a big thank you to Scott, Chris and John for organising the weekend. Athletes: Sam Glaister, Victoria Shepherd, Abie Hearmon, Charlotte Raw, Rebecca Hall, Aimee Barlow, Tom Collins, Oliver Harriskitt, Max Howell, Tom Hearmon, Sean Haycock, Kieron Walker Coaches: Scott Hydon, John Haycock, Chris Hearmon