After much thought I have decided to step down as leader and coach for the Minors group, I will still coaching with the Multi Discipline group and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and carers who have helped me in the last 5 years in delivering the Minors sessions, without volunteers it just wouldn’t happen, thank you!  On that note if anyone can spare some time and would like to get involved, either with coaching, paperwork or even just helping sort the equipment out for the sessions, please let myself or any of the coaches know, you will be supported and coaching courses will be provided.

I hope you all have a relaxing summer!

Marie 17th July 2015

The weather forecast is looking OK for our first session outside, fingers crossed it will be like that every Wednesday.  With our outdoor training we split our area into 3 parts, the 200m track, a middle sized area and a smaller area, then just like our indoor training each group spends 3 weeks in an area, then we all move round.  Hopefully your child will come back and tell you which area they have been in and what skills they have been working on.

Please remember next Wednesday the 22nd April it's our club's Neptune Relays where we host our Junior Handicap race of approx 1 mile, starting on Temple Hill at 6pm, please be there for 5.55pm to allow your child to join in the warm up.

Your child will bring home their results of our Minors Challenge, also please look at our Junior News page http://www.sedgefieldharriers.co.uk//junior-news and the item headed Minors Winter Challenge March 2015, for more information.

Marie 13th April 2015


Next week is our last week before the Easter break and we will be holding the re-run of our Minors Winter Challenge to see how much improvement we have made over the winter.  

There are no Minors session on over the Easter holiday so our next session will be the 15th of April, which is when we will start our summer training outdoors, therefore please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  If the weather is bad and if the hall is available we will train indoors.

I have also emailed all parents about the opportunties to compete, please let me know if you need any further details.

Hope you have a lovely Easter break.

Marie, 20th March 2015


Hope you have all enjoyed the half term break, this week is week 2 of our second block of 3 weeks training, but next week I've been advised we are down to half the hall again, so we'll do another mini fun Sportshall competition between the groups.

Marie, 23rd February 2015


For the first 2 weeks back we have been down to half the hall, so we have had a couple of fun competitions between the Ovetts, Coes and Crams.  The first week was a 3 obstacle course challenge, which each saw every team winning one of them, and I promise we didn't fix the results!  Then this week we set up a mini Sportshall competition, with the Ovetts and the Coes coming joint first in the girls competition and the Crams winning the boys competition.

Next week the 21st of January see the start of our normal training sessions, where each group will spend 3 weeks in one area of the sports hall then more to the next area for 3 weeks.  This allows us to use the space size to work on certain skills.  The Coes will start in the small area the main focus will be the fundamental skills of balance, agility and co-ordination, Ovetts will start in the middle area with jumping as the main focus, then the Crams are in the big area looking at throwing and running skills.

The Country Durham Primary Sportshall Competition is at Sedgefield on Sunday the 25th of January, it’s free and registration is at 9.45am.

We are always looking for more helpers so if anyone would like to get involved, please let me know.

Marie, 15th January 2015


This week the 17th of December is our last session this year and it's going to be a special one!  All three groups will come together for a fun (and tiring) Christmas competition, where the Sprinting Santa, Winning Wise Men, Racing Reindeers, Speedy Snowmen and Execellent Elves all battle it out over 5 different events then some head to head Christmas Relays!  Hope everyone can make it!  

Hope you have a brilliant Christmas and Santa is kind to you all!

We start back on the 7th of January.

Marie, 14th December 2014


This coming Wednesday the 12th of November we will only have use of half of the sports hall due to the school sorting chairs and tables in the other half ready for exams, so we are going to use the opportunty to have a fun competition, testing our throwing, jumping and agility skills with some tiring (but fun!) events, I've got a feeling even some of the coaches will be joining in!

Marie, 9th November 2014


Next Wednesday the 29th of October there is no training due to half term and we're down a few coaches/helpers.  Whilist talking of helpers.... our Minors group really could do with two extra pairs of hands on a Wednesday night, no athletic knowledge needed just a desire to help the children, we have 2 coaches to each group but a third body is always very helpful, to help with equipment, ensuring children understand what has been said, maybe to watch a team or help with scoring etc.  All that is needed is a DBS (which is the new CRB).  If you would then like some training we can organize that too, just email me or catch me after training on a Wednesday.  email marie.walker1992@gmail.com

Marie, 24th October 2014


This week saw the start of our 9 week training programme to get us to Christmas (yes it's that close!)  Each of the 3 groups, Crams, Ovetts and Coes will spend 3 weeks in a given area in the sports hall before moving to the next area, ask your child which are are they in?

Please let me know if your child would like to help present the Minors section at the Junior Presentation night.  Also I have sent out an email with details of local cross country/trial races that your child maybe interested in trying, please let me know if you haven't received it.  marie.walker1992@gmail.com

Marie, 2nd October 2014


We managed to get all the children through all 8 events last night at our Minors Winter Challenge with a little help from some great parents (thank you!), now all we have to do is work very hard to ensure they all improve over the Winter!

Marie,  25th September 2014

We're back!  Welcome to all the new Minors that joined us last night, hope they enjoyed the session with the fun competition between the 3 groups which gave them the chance to try the jump, throw and sprint they will be doing at the Academy Awards event night on the 17th of September. 
I will be sending out the letter we gave out last night by email over the weekend along with details on how to enter the Endurance Challenge and the Minors Cross County.
The plan for next week weather permitting is to let the children have some more practice of the skills needed for the Academy Awards event night along with trying the distance run they will be doing.
Marie, 4th September 2014
Tomorrow the 16th of July is our last session before the summer 6 week holidays and we have a a fun competition planned between the 3 groups!  We all start back on the 3rd of September but the existing Year 5 children will be leaving our Minors group :-( can I say a big thank you to them for their efforts and to their paremts for their support over the last two years and wish them well for their new groups.  
Enjoy the summer!
Marie, 15th July 2014
This coming Sunday the 6th of July it is the next Minors Young Athletes League meeting at Gateshead Stadium, you will see you can enter on the day. 

On Friday the 11th July it is the annual County Durham Athletics Network Summer Athletics Festival, where we will be trying to win the shield for the 4th year in a row.  Registration starts at 6pm with a warm up at 6.20pm ready for the events to start at 6.30pm.  This free event is open to all children from age 8 to Under 15, details to follow by email.. 

Next Wednesday the 9th of July we are hoping to rerun our Minors Summer Challenge (weather permitting!) if any parents would like to help out please could you let me know, thanks. 

I did promise to do another running challenge for the Minors like the one we did in March (but this time including adults), I'm sorry the weekends have just filled up and flown by, If I can pull something together for September I will let you know, but I'm guessing some adults are quite pleased it hasn't happened ! 

There will be no Minors sessions on over the 6 weeks school holidays, so our last session will be on the 16th of July and we restart again on the 3rd of September.  

Lastly a heads up, our annual club Academy Awards events night will be held on Wednesday the 17th of September (weather permitting) starting at an earlier time of 6pm. 

Marie, 3rd July 2014


We did have a 9 week training plan for outside to try to fit in before the 6 weeks holidays but due to the weather we have already lost 2 weeks, fingers crossed we don't lose any more!  But saying that the children all really seem to enjoy our session indoors this week and went home with red faces from the effort they had put in.  

Whilist outdoors we are focusing on our running skills, sprinting and longer distance running, along with pull throw and some shot put training, and as always agility skills and jumping are also included.

We are hoping to re-run the Summer Challenge on the 9th of July if the weather is dry!

I have some Sedgefield Harrier wristbands for sale at £1 (all profits go to Friends of Sedgefield Harriers), and will have them with me on a Wednesday if anyone would like one.

Marie, 5th June 2014


Hopefully next Wednesday the 7th of May if it's dry we will be holding our Summer Challenge where every child will complete 6 athletic events and everyones results will be recorded.  

For information about the Winter Challenge results see http://www.sedgefieldharriers.co.uk/minors-winter-challenge.

Marie, 30th April 2014


Just a quick reminder no session at the college on Wednesday the 23rd of April as all juniors are invited to take part in our Junior Handicap race at 6pm at Hardwick Park, starting with a quick warm up then the 1 mile race (approx), this is a free event for our juniors.  From the 30th of April, we are back at the college as normal but we will be training outside now till October.

All the results from the Winter Challenge have been written up and the children will be given them on the 30th April, watch this space as a news item will be up soon with more details.

Marie, 18th Apr 2014


On the 26th of March we are doing a Team Challenge within the Minors normal session, the Coes, Crams and Ovetts will have fun battling it out to see who the best, the challenges will be all very energetic building on our endurance skills and agility, and even the coaches may join in to ensure their team wins!

Then the following week the 2nd it's the re-run of the Minors Winter challenge, where every child tries to improve on their results for the 8 events we did back in October.

The Minors group will not be on the 9th of April, but will be on as normal for the second week of the Easter Holidays the 16th.  

Also on the 23rd of April it's Sedgefield Harriers Neptune Relays at Hardwick Park and all the Minors are invited to take part in the junior handicap race before the relays.  The juniors will start at 6pm with a quick warm up then the 1 mile race.  Therefore there will be no session at the College that night for our group.  The Friends of Sedgefield Harriers will at the park providing refreshments for sale.  

Marie, 23rd Mch 2014


This Wednesday (the 12th) we are starting a little earlier than normal at 6.15pm, as we have John Stacey from England Athletics coming to the club to present us with our Clubmark certifcate and to reflect on some of the brilliant achievements over the Winter, could everyone please wear they club clothing as I've heard the press might be coming along too.

Also this Sunday the 16th we are holding a training session at Maiden castle in Durham form 2.30pm to 3.30pm cost £2.00 to be paid at the track side on arrival.

Marie, 10th Mch 2014


Wow!  We had 23 children take part in our Minors Endurance Challenge, each of the 3 teams managed to run at least the marathan distance of 26.2miles in 60 minutes, with a grand total of over 91 miles covered!!!  We also managed to raise £175 (inc gift aid) for the 'Back the Track'.  A big thank you to everyone who ran and everyone who helped out on the day :-).  And yes there is talk of another one happening!  See Junior News for more details.

Marie, 2nd Mch 2014


Fingers crossed for good weather for Saturday for our Minors Endurance Challange, so far we have 19 children planning to come along, it would be great to get a few more I know the Ovett's team really need some more runners.

Next Wednesday it's the start of the last block of 3 so the children will be moving training spaces in the hall again.

Marie, 28th Feb 2014


See below a copy of the newsletter sent out via email about a week ago.

Hello Everyone

As there is a lot coming up for the Minors in the next few months so I thought I would put it altogether.    Please also note the Minors group have they own page on Sedgefeild Harriers website which I do update now again with what’s happening, the link ishttp://www.sedgefieldharriers.co.uk/minors  (note to self to update photos too!)

Important up and coming dates –

19th February, Wednesday – there will be NO Minors session over the half term holidays.

1st March, Saturday – 10.15am till 11.30am.  We are holding a special challenge at the Community College for our Minors group, the idea is to give the children a chance to build up their endurance running while working together in their groups (Coes, Crams and Ovetts) to see which group can cover the most miles, the children will be running 500m laps relay style.  We need as many of the children there as possible as we are hoping each team will cover at least 10 miles!  We would also like to use this opportunity to raise a little bit of money for the Friends of Sedgefield Harriers (FoSH) towards the Back the Track, so we are asking for a donation to FoSH to cover the entry to this event of £5.00, every penny will go directly to FoSH.

If the weather forecast is not good we will postpone the event, we want this to be a real fun session and running in the rain for an hour wouldn’t be fun!  If your child is interested in taking part please let me know by email marie.walker1992@gmail.com  I will then confirm on Friday the 28th of February if it will be cancelled, payment to be made on the Saturday morning.

16th March, Sunday – 2.30pm till 3.30pm.  We are offering the children a chance to try out some of the events coming up in the competitions on a real track (and into a long jump pit) at the Graeme’s Sports Centre, Maiden Castle, Durham. The cost of this session will be £2.00 which will be paid on the track side on the day.

2nd April, Wednesday – In our normal session time we will be holding the re-run of our Winter Challenge, can your child beat themselves!

13th April, Sunday – Anne Marie Readshaw at Shildon, the first track and field event of the season,  with events for Under 11s, children from as young as 8 years old can take part, we normally have a lot of juniors (and some seniors) taking part, a great team atmosphere.  See attached entry form.

23rd April Wednesday – There will be no training session at the Community College instead we are holding a junior handicap race ahead of the Neptune Relays more details to follow nearer the time.

11th May, Sunday – Cyrill Elliott at Middlesbrough, again a chance for the children to enter Under 11s at a track and field meet, I haven’t been to this one before but from what I’ve heard from other coaches it is very similar to Anne Marie and a friendly one to do.  See attached entry form.

Lastly to note I’m still awaiting the dates of the Minors Young Athletes League that is held at Gateshead Stadium every month from April to August, fantastic friendly event where the children get a chance to compete in an international stadium with children in the same school year.  I’ll email the details as soon as I have them.

Many thanks


Marie, 17th Feb 2014


Our second week back following the Christmas break saw the start of our next 9 week plan.  Once again each of the three groups within the Minors will spend 3 weeks in each area of the sports hall.

The Coes will start in the small area working on co-ordination, core skills, balance skills and stamina, using various activities including, ladders and hurdles.  The Ovetts will start in the middle area working on various jumping skills, agility and some speed work, again using various activities including coaching specific skills in small groups of 5 or 6 children, we will even throw in a timed obstacle course!  The Crams will start in the big area concentrating on endurance running, with pull and push throw activities, yes we will also do our beep test again.

Some dates to note coming up over the next couple of months -

19th Jan       Year 5 and 6            Sportshall County Durham team competition at the Community College (10am to 12noon)

2nd Apr        Minors                     Winter Challenge within our normal training session a chance for the children to re try the Sportshall events we did in October to better themselves.

13th Apr       Under 11s                Anne-Marie Readshaw at Shildon more info to follow.

Apr-Aug        Year 3, 4, 5 and 6    Young Athletes Minor League at Gateshead stadium, more details to follow when dates are released.

I’m trying to organize a one off Sunday morning training session at Maiden Castle at the end of March/beginning of April to allow all the children to have ago on a real track and to jump into a real long jump pit ahead of the summer events, again more details to follow.

Marie, 17th Jan 2014


What brilliant last session we had, a Christmas Team Competition.  All 3 Minor groups came together and were split into 5 teams with 5 events to do each getting as many points as possible for their team, in the shuttle run, speed bounce, step ups, skipping, obstacle run.  Then on to 3 relays, ice berg hopping, the chimmy race and a run Santa to finish with.  While the results were worked out we had a friendly boys v girls snowball fight!  The winners of the night was the Sprinting Santas, well I guess it had to be!! But well done to the Racing Reindeer, the Winning Wisemen, the Excellent Elves and the Speedy Snowmen, everyone did really well.

Thanks to all the parents and older children who helped out and to my team of coaches, some of which just had to join in!

Hope you all have a fab Christmas and a brilliant 2014.

See you on the 8th of January!

Marie, 20th Dec 2013


This week the three groups swopped areas, with the Crams in the middle area, the Ovetts in the small area and the Coes moving to the big area, (see below the main focus for each area).

Thank you to the 8 girls who presented the Minors bit at our Junior Presentation Night on the 9th of November, they presented it chat show style and finished it off with a rap!

Marie, 14th Nov 2013 


Wednesday the 30th of October there is no Minors session.

Marie, 27th Oct 2013


This coming Wednesday the 16th of October, sees the start of our 9 week training plan, each of our 3 groups will train for 3 weeks in one part of the sports hall then swop round.  The areas (know as big, middle and small areas!) will each have a main focus for skill development, the big area will cover running, pacing and the pull throw, the middle area will cover jumping and the push throw and the small area will work on balance, agility and coordination, linkiing to the sportshall events.  The Cram group will start in the big area, the Ovett group in the middle area and the Coe group in the small area.  Does your child know what their group is called?

I'm looking for children volunteers who would like to speak about the Minors at our Junior Presentation Night on the 9th of November, if your child is interested please let me know ASAP.  Also just a reminder the tickets go on sale next Wednesday the 23rd from 6.10pm.

Marie, 12th Oct 2013



Marie, 4th Oct 2013 


Wow what a night!!!  We managed to get everyone through the 8 events in less than 50mins, thank you coaches and the parents who were drafted in to help out.  The children really enjoyed night, which was kicked off with a special Zumba warm up (thanks Jane) and yes all the boys and some of the coaches joined in!

Next week the Minors session has been cancelled due to the school using the hall for one of their events, so on the 16th of October we start our indoor training within our 3 groups (Coe, Cram and Ovett).

Marie, 3rd Oct 2013


We are holding our Winter Challenge this coming Wednesday the 2nd October, where every child in the Minors Group will do 8 Sportshall events and have their results recorded.  These events cover some of the skills we will be working on over the indoor season.  We will then do the same 8 events in March, to see (hopefully) how much every child has improved.

Marie, 29th Sept 2013


Our Minors worked hard last night at the Academy Awards events night, well done to them all!  

If the weather is really nice next week, (I was told today there is going to be a heat wave!) we'll get out for the last time this year, otherwise we're indoors and starting to work on the Athletics Sportshall events.

The following week the 4th of October, all the Minors will come together to complete our Winter Challenge, where all the children will try different Sportshall events and their results will be recorded, these same events will be repeated in March so they can see how much they will have improved our this winter, hopefully!

Marie, 19th Sept 2013


Great first session back, within our 3 new sub groups (which we now have decided to give them names, as Marie's group, Jayne's group and Jane's group causes a bit of confusion, so it's the Cram, Ovett and Coe groups) we tried out 3 of the events, the sprint, throw and jump, which they will be doing at the Academy Awards night on the 18th, in a fun team competition between the 3 groups, I'm very pleased to say that all 3 groups managed to win at least 2 out of the 6 categories, I think the coaches were just as pleased as the children!

Next week we are hoping to continue to work for the Academy Awards, covering the longer run then the throw and sprint again, keeping it fun but no competition this time!

Marie, 5th Sept 2013


We start back on the 4th September with lots of changes as all our old Y5s have moved up a group along with coaches Kevin, Nicola and Bob, and we'll see a lot of new faces as we will have 18 old Y3s from the Minis group joining us and 14 new children off our waiting list along with 3 Mini coaches, Jane, Susan and Dave and 2 new parent helpers David and Sarah.  We are also changing the group to split into 3 subs groups this time, with Jayne, Jane and myself as group leaders; as always all groups will follow the same session plans.

We will be training outside till the 2nd of October then we will start our winter training through to April, as normal please ensure you child is dressed for the weather.  An important date to note is the 18th of September when we are planning to do our Academy Awards night which will start at 6pm to 8pm for all ages from Y3 to Y9, with the Y10+ helping out.

See you all on the 4th.

Marie, 18th August 2013


The Minors are running 3 sessions over the summer holidays, the 24th July, 7th August and the 14th August, these sessiona are pay as you go for £1.50 each.  

We will be using these sessions to consolidate the skills we have worked on over the last 7 weeks in a fun way, with a couple of new things to try, like the hammer throw, weather permitting!

Marie, 23rd July 2013


Now just four more weeks to go till the end of term and we are picking up the training, more running, throwing, jumping, co-ordination work and as aways we will still try to fit a game in at the end!  

The next Minor Athletics League meet at Gateshead is next Sunday the 30th, hopefully we will have even more than last time competing and running on the same track as Mo Farah and junping into the same pit as Greg Rutherford did today at the European Athletics Championships.

Marie, 22nd June 13


We've managed to get outside twice so far, which is great as we can all get use to running longer distances and how it feels to run a set distance like 400m or 600m as we have the use of a grass marked out track of 400m, so fingers crossed that it never rains on a Wednesday from now until October!

We completed our summer challenge a couple of weeks ago and we are now planning on working on the skills needed for this and quadkids competitions, including sprinting mid distance running, a pull throw and long jump, as always using England Athletics 365 programme to help and of course with some games thrown in!

I'm really pleased to say yesterday at Gateshead Stadium we had 26 juniors competing, 14 of which were from our group, very well done to, William Dredge, Daniel Buckle, Joseph Scarborough, Joshua Wilson, Fred Nott, Leanne Flettham, Frankie Kardasz, Katherine Woolfall, Sophie Earl, Charlotte Earl, Seren Williams, Mhairi McElhoney, Abbie Walker and Jenny Walker.

Marie, 20th May 13


This Wednesday the 1st of May there is no session at the community college as we are holding a handicap race at Hardwick Park starting at 6pm on Temple Hill.  This is a free event and no pre registeration is necessary.

Hopefully see you all there.

Marie, 29th April 13


Well done to all the children who competed our Winter Challenge last Wednesday, everyone worked hard to beat their previous scores from October and everyone managed to improve on at least 1 event!

There is no Minors session this coming Wednesday the 3rd of April, but we are training on the 10th, when we will have a fun challenge night for the Minors, where we will spilt into teams each with a coach and go around different events to score points for our team, here's hoping my team wins!

We are planning to be outside from the 17th so please dress appropriately for the weather.

Marie, 2nd April 13


This week the 27th Feb we will do the session we missed on the 13th, so more jumping for my group and more throwing for Jayne's group.  Then over the next three weeks we will brushing up on the skills needed for our 5 Winter Challenge events, ready for the the challenge on the 27th, fingers crossed we have all improved over the winter.

Marie, 25th Feb 13


Next week the 13th of Feb the minor's session has been cancelled due to the school using the hall till 7pm.  Please note this only affects the minors and the minis all the other groups are on as normal.

Also there will be no minor's session on over the half term holidays (20th Feb) as some of our coaches are away.

All back to normal on the 27th of Feb.

Marie, 4th Feb 13


Over this half term the two groups within the Minors are spending 3 weeks looking at 3 different types of throws, what is similar and what is different and 3 weeks looking at jumping mostly the triple jump.  As always there will be plenty of running including a reminder of why pace is important.

Marie, 15 Jan 13.


This week is our last session this year and we are holding a special team based Christmas competition with both groups together.

From all the Minor coaches we wish you a brilliant Christmas.

Marie, 17th Dec.


This week is our last one of this half term finishing our 4 weeks of work on jumping and running skills.  Unfortunately we didn't have a visit from John Stacey but he has rearrange the date to the 14th of Nov.

Next Wednesday for Halloween, both groups are coming together to have a bit of fun with some Halloween style athletics, like 'throw the pumpkin' (a heave throw) and 'hit the witch' (a fling throw) should be fun!!!

Marie, 23rd Oct.


We have now uplaoded a file on the gallery of the best photos from this years Minor Athletics League, have a quick look.

For the next 4 weeks our main focus for both Minor groups will be working on improving our running and jumping skills.  John Stacey from England Athletics will be joining in with one of my sessions to show us some of his drills on how to help improve jumping.

Marie, 30th Sept.


This Wednesday the 26th we are putting the two Minors groups back together for our Minors Winter Challange, this is where all the children complete 5 sportshall athletic events and have their results recorded.  Over the winter we will be working on the skills needed to improve on these events (along with other events!)  Then in the spring we will repeat the Minors Winter Challenge to see how much everyone has improved!!  The events are - speed bounce, chest push, hi-stepper shuttle run, balance test, long jump.

Marie, 23rd Sept.


Last night all the children were put into they new groups with either Jayne or myself, then after a quick chat about expectations, then we were outside for some training on sprints and howlers throws ready for the Academy Awards events night next week.

Marie, 13th Sept.


Minors....  on your marks, get set and ready to Go!  1st Minors session next week with some work on the skills needed for the Academy Awards Events night on the 19th September, (remember is a 6pm start).  Then from the 26th Septemeber we are indoors every session right through the winter.

Looking forward to the next seven weeks.

Marie, 8th Sept.