Minors can run marathons! - 1st March 2014

On the 1st of March a cold but sunny morning the Minors group set themselves an endurance challenge of which group within the Minors who could run the furthest in 60 minutes, would it be the Coes, the Ovetts or the Crams.

The challenge was set up like a relay with each child competing a 500m lap before handing over to the next team member, then after a very short rest running again and again and again!  It started with 4 team members running at once and dropped down to 3 after 30 minutes.  The healthy snacks after 40 minutes of running helped fuel the energy levels to keep everyone going.  With 5 minutes to go all the teams were so close to hitting the marathon distance of 26.2 miles that the parents who were watching were invited to do a lap to help ensure that it was achieved, everyone joined in, parents and siblings!!

23 children from the Minors took part and between them with a little help they covered over 91 miles.  The team results were –

Team Coe = 32 miles
Team Cram = 31 miles
Team Ovett = 28 ½ miles

There was no charge for the event but everyone made a donation to the Friends of Sedgefield Harriers (FoSH) instead totalling £140 with the gift aid meant we made £175 for FoSH!

A brilliant morning and fantastic running from everyone!