Minors Winter Challenge

Every year in the Minors group we hold a Winter Challenge.  All the group do several Sportshall Athletics events in October when our indoor training starts and then do the same events again in April to allow the children to see if they have improved over the Winter.

With a record number of children and helpers this year we managed to cover 8 different events - at this point I must say a "big thank you" to the parents who help at these sessions as you can image getting nearly 50 children to do 8 events in less than 50 minutes takes some doing!

As always the children will be given a sheet at the next training session which will show both their October and April’s results, but this year I thought it would be nice to give parents an idea of the results.

The 8 events and the range of the results were as follows –

Chest Push – using a 1kg medicine ball,

2.50m to 5.75m

Balance beam – balancing on a very low beam about 3cm wide on one foot, the total time is for doing both legs twice,

6.20 seconds to 59.34 seconds

Vertical Jump – how high they can jump from a standing position,

14cm to 38cm

Shuttle run – 50m run using a reversaboard at the half way point to turn,

15.52 seconds to 9.03 seconds

Long jump – standing jump from two feet to two feet,

96cm to 169cm

Hi-stepper – running four times through the hi-stepper (a bit like running through tyres),

26.51 seconds to 14.01 seconds

Javelin – using a foam javelin,

2.50m to 17.60m

Speed bounce – how many two footed jumps completed from side to side over a small hurdle in 20 seconds,

16 to 49.


I want every child improve and I’m pleased to say that is exactly what happened   4 children managed to improve in all 8 events, Charlotte Tempest, Charlotte Earl, Sophie Glaister and Joshua Delapanosta, and 8 children improved in 7 events.  In total every child improved in at least 4 or more events!

 It is also nice to recognize who was the best (in a low key way)




Chest Push

5.75m Joshua Delapanosta

5.50m Katelyn Craig

Balance beam

39.14 seconds Robbie Tait

59.34 seconds Jenny Walker

Vertical Jump

38cm Joshua Delapanosta

37cm Katelyn Craig

Shuttle run

9.03 Joseph Scarborough

9.15 seconds Maia Bausor

Long jump

169cm Joseph Scarborough

165cm Isla Towler


14.01 seconds Jack Carmichael

15.37 seconds Jenny Walker


17.60m Daniel Buckle

12.80m Maia Bausor

Speed bounce

49 Daniel Buckle

48 Martha Sharp


Congratulations to all who completed on a fantastic winters training and your amazing results!