Monday Strength & Conditioning

Monday Strength & Conditioning sessions are led by Endurance and Conditioning Coach Ean Parsons 07771 828 568.

Details of sessions on Facebook page eanscoaching

These session are part of a programme including Tuesday and Thursday sessions though participants are welcome to attend individual sessions.

The aim of Strength & Conditioning is to create the robust athlete. This means you perform better, get injured less, train more and...... perform better!

Strength and Conditioning sessions are aimed at improving overall (all-body) fitness and running technique.  These are facets that are often often overlooked by runners but are almost guaranteed to bring about an improvement in performance. They are also aimed at injury prevention.  There is excellent feedback from those who attend.

Glutes, Hamstrings and Core

Details of Strength & Conditioning Training 2012-2013

Core Exercises

We've recently started to hire the hall after the strength and conditioning session on Monday night for half an hour for informal basketball or five-a-side football. If you're interested, just stick around after the session or come along at 8.30pm. The session is not included in memership so there is a fee of £1.

If anyone would like an individual strength and conditioning plan to compliment what we do on Mondays e.g. to work on a particular weakness or to generally improve by strengthening then please let me know. Ean.