Strength & Conditioning

The Junior Strength and Conditiong session is in the Sports Hall at the Community College between 6pm and 7pm each Monday. It costs £1.50 which is payable at the session.

Junior strength and conditioning is aimed at children from (approx) age 9 to age 14.  Children 14+ join the senior strength and conditioning session between 7pm and 8.30pm each Monday.

The junior session usually comprises;

. 20 minute team game to develop team skills as well as experiencing an alternaitive sport, it is usually handball.

. warm-ups to raise the heart rate.

. fitness work.

. some work on skills such as drills and/or using equipment such as hurdles.

. some plyometric work.

The session content is desgined to compliment the work of the club coaches and supports work on throws, endurance, jumps and sprints.  It is also about improving general fitness and developing general sports skills.