The Club Crest

The Harriers Club Crest was created in 2013 at a time when the scope of the club had patently developed well beyond simply being a running club.  It was developed at a time when senior and junior athletes had begun to perform well in regional competitions and the club had expanded to involve many people from Sedgefield and the surrounding areas. The crest embodies the breadth of the club and a natural confidence and maturity.  It is a crest that will to take the club forward into the future as the club lays down a history and tradition.

Elements of the crest

The silhouette human figures self evidently portray the classic athletic activities of running, jumping and throwing that club athletes pursue.

The silhouette of the bird of prey in the top left hand corner represents the 'Harrier' in the name of the club.  Research revealed that the name 'Harrier' used by many athletics clubs is a legacy of a popular game in Victorian times called Hare and Hounds, in which the 'hounds' harried the 'hares' in a race.  The club preferred to identify with the classic bird of prey that is in evidence on the northern moors that are visible from Sedgefield to the south and west and where many members run and spend time.

The motto 'Nil Timeant' translates from the Latin to 'Let them fear nothing' or 'They should fear nothing'.  This was chosen to inspire the indomitable spirit of young Sedgefield athletes as they stand on the start line in a race, prepare to jump or throw where there is no hiding place for an individual; it is also designed to inspire senior athletes to rise to the challenge of a race or as they stand at the start of a marathon.