Tuesday & Thursday Sessions

Tuesday and Thursday sessions are led by endurance coach Ean Parsons 07771 828 568.

Details of sessions on Facebook page eanscoaching

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Tuesday and Thursday sessions are a part of a periodisation programme including Monday Strength and Conditioning Sessions though participants are welcome to attend individual sessions.

Tuesday & Thursday Sessions - Updated 2.4.13

Tuesday Session - 6.00pm to 7.00pm

Usually meet in the car park at Ceddesfeld Hall on Rectory Row.  Tuesday sessions is usually short hill reps intended to build strength and speed.  The session will include warm-ups and cool-down.

Thursday Session - 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Meet at Netpark (end of Thomas Wright Way).  The sessions take place at Netpark which offers a flat good surface in a lit area without much traffic.  The session will normally be a strength endurance session using longer reps.  This will complement the shorter faster reps of Tuesday and the strength and conditioning session of Monday night.  The session will include warm-ups and cool-down and often some drills.

Example Thursday Session (11.10.12 - 8x 600m)

2-Mile Timed Run times


I can pretty much guarentee that anyone doing all Monday, Tuesday and Thursday sessions consistently will improve their running! ...and strength and fitness. The three sessions each week are designed to compliment each other and each fit into a macro plan so that over a long period a lot of elements are included i.e. strength, speed, specific drills, foused exercises, flexibility, injury prevention etc.

I am happy to provide an individual training plan if you are training/aiming for a specific race e.g. a 10k, half marathon or marathon.


Example specific 10k plan

I will ask you to complete the following and return to me first.

Athlete Profile